Taxi Booking From Silangit Lake Toba & Kualanamu Airport, Cheap Cars Rent in Medan Holiday

Posted 29-09-2017 16:09  » Team Tobatabo
Foto Caption: Taxi from Silangit & Kualanamu Airport

Dear Traveler,

If you looking for cheap cars rent in Medan or want to get taxi or private cab services arround Medan city, Lake Toba, Berastagi just call TTC (Toba Trans Cab) with contact details bellow. We will pickup (Airport) and delivered passengers to your destinations (Hotel, Motel, Cottage, Guesthouse, etc).

For Samosir Islands trips, price and service charge already including ferry tickets. So you just need to sit, relax and enjoy your trips along the way.

Our service also pickup passenggers from Silangit and Kualanamu Airport. We will excort and delivered with safely to your holiday destinations.

Contact TTC Taxi:
Email atau

I. Pickup From Bandara Kualanamu International Airport (KNO):

  • Kualanamu - Medan,Lubukpakam,Tebingtinggi Rp 60.000/pax or Rp 240.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Siantar Rp 80.000/pax or Rp 360.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Kisaran Rp 130.000/pax or Rp 660.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Parapat Rp 120.000/pax or Rp 600.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Berastagi Rp 100.000/pax or Rp 480.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Balige Rp 140.000/pax or Rp 720.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Samosir* Rp 150.000/pax or Rp 780.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Tarutung Rp 150.000/pax or Rp 780.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Sibolga,Sidempuan Rp 170.000/pax or Rp 900.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Sidikalang Rp 120.000/pax or Rp 600.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Doloksanggul Rp 140.000/pax or Rp 720.000/car
  • Kualanamu - Rantau Parapat Rp 150.000/pax or Rp 780.000/car

II. Pickup Silangit International Airport (DTB):

  • Silangit - Siborongborong City Rp 40.000/pax or Rp 120.000/car
  • Silangit - Balige,Laguboti,Porsea Rp 70.000/pax or Rp 300.000/car
  • Silangit - Tarutung Rp 60.000/pax or Rp 240.000/car
  • Silangit - Sibolga,Sidempuan Rp 110.000/pax or Rp 540.000/car
  • Silangit - Doloksanggul Rp 60.000/pax or Rp 240.000/car
  • Silangit - Sidikalang Rp 100.000/pax or Rp 480.000/car
  • Silangit - Parapat Rp 80.000/pax or Rp 480.000/car
  • Silangit - Samosir * Rp 120.000/pax or Rp 600.000/car
  • Silangit - Siantar Rp 100.000/pax or Rp 480.000/car
  • Silangit - Medan Rp 120.000/pax or Rp 600.000/car
  • Silangit - Kisaran Rp 120.000/pax or Rp 600.000/car
  • Silangit - Rantau Parapat Rp 150.000/pax or Rp 780.000/car

Foreach booking and order, 1 car/taxi MAX 6 passengers including baggages. 

Price includes:

  • Free Mineral Water
  • Profesional Driver (English Speaker)
  • Free Snacks
  • Air Conditioner

Contact TTC Taxi:
Email atau


  • Please inform your booking 1-2 days before your travel schedule.
  • Price will be remaining same from your place to Airport

Warm And Best Regards

Toba Trans Cab