Pusuk Buhit, Bataknese Sacred hill

Posted 08-07-2013 22:06  » Team Tobatabo

Pusuk Buhit is widely known as a sacred hill for all Batak descendants. It is told until this moment carrying its mystical secret. Situated close to the boundary between Sumatera and Samosir islands, it elegantly displays its gorgeous scenic views. However, it precisely attaches to Sumatera island.

It took less than an hour from Pangururan, the biggest city in Samosir, to get to the valley right below Pusuk Buhit. The valley is known as Sagala. From Sagala people usually climb to get to the top of Pusuk Buhit that took half day to reach. It’s around 1800 m above sea levels and colored with green distinctive trees.

Starting from Pusuk Buhit’s edge, people can enjoy the gorgeous view of Lake Toba. The Lake which widely covers all the edge of Samosir island is another miracle that suits the beauty of Pusuk Buhit. Calm, tender, and comforting are all about the feelings of everyone ever stand and look across the magnificent Lake. The bluish lake and green hills wrap up their perfect match.

The elders told their descendants that long time ago, the first Batak man was born supernaturally on the summit of Pusuk Buhit. He was known King of Batak. Only few meters from the valley, climbers can see the splendid statues of the Batak King. The King was told to be able to turn into seven different faces. Yet, his real face was none of those seven faces. He was born with extraordinary power that until today, many Batak people believed in his powers. There are not few people who purposely climbed Pusuk Buhit to pray to him and ask for bless and power. Mostly are those who have difficulties in life, get ill and dying and so forth.

Despite the fact that many people believe in this sacred Pusuk Buhit’s legend and power, the legend is worth inherited to the next generation of Batak. It won’t be a waste to go up there to enjoy the beautiful perfect match of Pusuk Buhit and Lake Toba. Take it for refreshing and pleasure and the rest is all up to you.