I'm Quiet & Stop - Retta feat Awenz

Posted 11-08-2013 23:27  » Team Tobatabo

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I'm Quiet & Stop!
Verse I : Retta Sitorus
I'm standing here alone and tryin'
After you leaving me and cheatin' yeah...
Gathering my strength keep movin'
Walking in the street stop cryin'
I'm starting here alone and smilin'
Just breakin' these rules and hidin'
Gathering my strength, don't even lookin' back
Coz i am feel so hurtin'
I think i won't play the game even it twice
I quiet and stop!
Chorus :
Fine...i can handle by my self
You neva can stop me
And now you neva get me
Fine...for me it's easy to say goodbye
You neva can touch me
And now you neva kiss me

Verse II : awenz
Baby listen, You know sometimes I try to make it easy
For the truth I neva make it at the last you neva do it
All the things, for the kiss and for the memories
I can feel that what you feel and I can heal that what you feel, is that real?
Day by day, pass a way, remember what you say
That you will gonna be stay, but you make the same mistake
And you threat me like a trips, don't you know that anyone can
comfort me and make me warm and give me how to set me free
I sympathize you have pretty face to cheating me
Play and play - back at me, and pretend that you were sorry
I realized, you have a pretty lies to hurting
To makes me down, to feel the emptyness have nothing
I know, you know,so long that is not like a simple story
and you know you neva get me,neva touch me, neva kiss me
For all about this love, for all about this pain
This is me...I quiet and stop!!!!

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Verse III : awenz & Retta

I'm standing here alone without you and tryin'
(don't you know what i feel right now...)
Gathering my strength without you keep movin'
(the memories are gone...)
I'm standing here alone without you and smilin'
(don't you know what i feel right now...)
And gathering my strength, and gathering my strength
(the memories are gone...)
I'm standing here alone
I Quiet & Stop!!!
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