Carolina Hotel Tuk-Tuk Siadong Samosir

Posted 26-01-2012 13:51  » Team Tobatabo

Carolina Hotel is a great place for families, couples and singles to stay in Tuk-Tuk Samosir Island Lake Toba. They have over 30 rooms with different styles to suite all budgets I felt lucky to pick this hotel to stay during my trip to Samosir island in Toba Lake.

Very good deal, with only about 90,000 rupiah (10 US$), I got best angle to enjoy the amazing view of Toba Lake! A "traditional Bataknese house" look-alike bungalow with big enough room (were 3-4 girls in it), double or queen size bed, warm shower (but no towel), restaurant for meals (no free breakfast, for sorry) and the most was big pool in front of my room, named TOBA LAKE.

I and my friends could swim anytime as we could resist on its freezing clean no sticky fresh water, for sure with some fishes and shrimps around.. :D love it!

2010 Room rates

DELUXE ROOM : Rp. 150.000,-/room/night, excluding breakfast Facilities : - twin bed :: freezer - hot shower :: bathtub - location at the beach

STANDARD ROOM : Rp. 120.000,-/room/night, excluding breakfast Facilities : - twin bed - hot shower - location at the beach

FAMILY ROOM : Rp. 275.000,-/room/night, excluding breakfast Facilities : - 02 twin bed - 02 bed room:: freezer :: living room :: mini bar - hot shower :: bathtub - location at the beach

EXTRA BED : Rp. 50.000,-/bed/night

NOTE : ALL ROOMS WITH TWIN BED Continental breakfast available from 25,000Rp. 10% government tax applicable on room rates.

Transportation Carolina Hotel can arrange their car to pick you up from Medan Airport - Carolina Hotel. The price is Rp. 800.000,-/car/one way - include fuel, driver and ferry cost. If you would like to use our car, please inform us your arrival time, date and the flight number.

Contact details Carolina Hotel Tuk Tuk Lake Toba Phone (0625) 451 210 and (0625) 700 0520 Fax (0625) 451 250 Email:

Review submitted 28th October 2011 by Clive Pennington yes I would highly recommend hotel Carolina Tuk Tuk to anyone friendly polite and helpful staff cater for my every need I personally am treated like a President VIP and royalty which makes me always feel so special
Commented 2nd November 2010 by Frans Highly recommended! Carolina is a lovely place to stay. The Batak roofs (especially that of the restaurant) give it so much more style then any other TukTuk hotel. The open restaurant with its perfect view on the lake is nicely cooled by the breeze from the lake - all in all just perfect.
I have stayed here at least a dozen times - my wife is from Sumatra and her family lives in the neighborhood of Lake Toba, so any time we go to Indonesia we stay here at least 2 or 3 times. Review submitted 3rd September 2010 by Helen Passchier I have great memories of a pleasant stay @ Caroilna Hotel. Although its been a long time ago, i still remember the beautiful view of the Lake Toba. The room we had was basic but comfortable. I hope to be back again soon
Commented 7th august 2010 by Rimsa Manurung We had our honeymoon at the hotel and my wife had worked there for 10 yrs before i met her, we had a great stay, we caught up with melvi who was very happy to see Rimsa, who was now married.
Commented 17th October 2009 by Ally View was amazing. Staffs were not helpful sometimes, especially the receptionist girl. Best-price deal. Room was ok, maybe needed more cleaning in the bathroom. Overall it was ok. Review submitted 2nd September 2009 by Anthony We greatly enjoyed our stay in July 2009. Excellent service from friendly staff and a great restaurant with fantastic views over the lake.
Advance booking advisable as the secret is out! Review Submitted 26th August 2009 by Barbara Not only did we really enjoy the stay, friendly staff and good food at Carolina, also did we receive great help when after leaving we realized we forgot several items that were returned to us by the staff - up to Medan airport! Thank you so much, Carolina staff, we were very lucky with you! And yes, I definitely recommend people to go to Danau Toba and stay here: best price-quality deal of our Indonesia trip!