Tuktuk Peninsula Exotic Shore of Lake Toba

Posted 26-01-2012 13:41  » Team Tobatabo

Situated on the Peninsula of Samosir Island, Tuktuk offers many opportunities for tourists to enjoy the exotic side of Lake Toba. Four kilometers from Tomok, Tuktuk is relatively ear to the gate of Samosir Island. Tuktuk is the place, where lots of foreign and local, find themselves restness for vacation. Low hills, green pastures, and traditional Batak houses give an initial view when you step your feet from its main gates.

It is also reachable in 45 minutes by boat and during on the boat you’ll see the view of Lake Toba stretching widely as f it had no border. Some good hotels will greet you when you reach the lips of Tuktuk. In the afternoon, Tuktuk also offers best lake view through beautiful sunset and in the morning, you’ll see the light of the sun shining the mountains and hills giving you a clear and bright natural scene. In spite of its small width, Tuktuk is rich of traditional Batak culture. There you’ll find beautiful Batak wood carving, ulos (traditional Batak blanket) producing, traditional music and dance through gondang and tor tor show.

Not only that, the local people are also kind and friendly, Worry of getting lost? Never worry about it! Some local guides will help you enjoy every place in Tuktuk, and they are always available in the hotels. Looking for food? Many good hotels in Tuktuk provide some kinds of traditional and foreign food. What else? You can also enjoy Tuktuk by having trips to see the beauty of Lake Toba. Boats are available to hire with cheap price. You can also hire bicycle or motorbike with reachable price.

You can swim at the shore of Lake Toba, have sunbath, and of course canoeing. Communication? There’s no need to worry about. Many hotels have internet connection freely for those who stay at. In the end, those are all packed in Tuktuk and you may enjoy them all. Get yourself satisfied in the exotic shore of Lake Toba.


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